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House, Property and Business Clearings

Most of us are aware that we are physically and emotionally affected by uncomfortable situations that happen in our lives. Most of us are not aware that the energy from these situations can attach to objects, homes, buildings and properties where it has occurred.


Not only will the energy stay there until it is cleared, but it can attach to anyone who enters the space. These negative energies that are imprinted in a building can be quite subtle; but they can rob ones energy, clarity of mind, and inner peace


The following conditions can reflect a disturbance in positive energy flow:

  • A strange unexplained feeling when entering a house, building or work place.

  • Constant fatigue, illness or frequently having your sleep interrupted, but not knowing why.

  • Children insisting that they see or hear something that you don't.

  •  Animals behaving in a strange unexplained manor.

  • Strange moods at home or office without a reason why.

  • Continual accidents or bad luck at home or office.

  • Hearing unexplained music, voices, knocking or footsteps.

  • Strange electrical happenings: radios, televisions, alarms, or lights turning on or off; or computers  acting strange.

  • Having objects disappear or show up somewhere else with no explanation.

  • Unexplained cold spaces in a room or strange odors.

  • A house or property on the market for a long time without selling...when it is a great investment.


Consider a Clearing if:

  • You have just moved into a new home or office

  • You have purchased second hand furniture, pictures, etc.

  • You have purchased used clothing or a used car.

  •  There is constant emotional stress among your family members.

  • You have ended a relationship.

  • A loved one has passed over.


Once the clearing is done the space will feel lighter, more peaceful and it will be much easier to relax.


When doing the clearing these will be addressed:


Emotional Imprints

Violent, sad, or negative events that have occurred in a building, house, or on the property, can leave energy imprints. These imprints can last for centuries unless cleared.


Entities or Lingering Spirits

These lingering energies can attach to people, animals or the homes and buildings that were familiar to them. They can affect the emotional, mental and physical well being of the occupants who live there. It can also be very un-nerving to spend time in the company of these lost and confused spirits.



  • All clearings are distance clearings.

  • A 30 minute phone consultation is included.  We will discuss the shifts in energy that you may experience and any other details that come through as clearing is done. If you prefer this can be done via email.

  • Two check-ins over the following 2-3 weeks is included.

May your space always be filled with positive energy!

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