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Take this Journey Into Mastery from home


Usui Reiki Master Course

The Reiki that I teach is based on Dr. Mikao Usui's teachings. I will be here to work with you as you progress in your understanding of Reiki.


  • Using a Tibetan technique, you will receive all three levels of the Reiki attunements:

       First Degree Reiki

       Second Degree Reiki

       Master Degree Reiki


The attunements are done "live" so we will arrange a time that is convenient for both of us.


  •  Distant attunements are equally as effective as in person. After your attunements, the Reiki energy will always be accessible to you for self-healing and healing others.


  • You will learn how to do self-treatments and how to do a Reiki treatment on another person.


  • You will also learn to do distance healings, mental & emotional healings.


  • You will receive a complete Reiki manual e-book and instruction book.


  • You will Receive your Reiki Master certificate.


Investment $99.00


Reiki Master/Teacher Course

This will be your next step once you are confident with how Reiki works and you are ready to teach others.


  • You will complete nine case studies (three sessions for each client) and submit the completed case study forms to me.


  • If you take your Reiki class with another person you may use your treatments on each other as one of your case studies.


  • Two of the case studies must be done long distance.


  • Once your case studies are done and I have received the completed client forms you will be taught how to give attunements in person and long distance.


  • We will set up a time to connect over the phone to cover everything, so that you have a complete understanding on how to confidently guide others through their journey in Reiki Healing


  • You will receive your Reiki Master/Teacher certificate.


 Investment $75.00

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