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Holistic Healing for the Body, Mind, & Spirit


Reiki is a gentle, yet very powerful energy, that heals by balancing and harmonizing you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


When one is physically in balance, the body tends to heal itself and ward off


  Balancing of organs, glands and their bodily functons


Being mentally balanced enables one to handle stress easier, learn easier and have more mental clarity.

Relief from anxiety and depression


Emotional balance allows one to handle the “ups and downs” of everyday life with less effort.

Enhanced creativity


On a spiritual level, when one is in balance one will experience complete inner peace.

Leads to a more purposeful direction in life




Reiki is one of the most ancient healing methods known to mankind. It originated in Tibet and was rediscovered in the nineteenth century by a Japanese Monk, Dr. Mikao Usui.

There is no area of life that Reiki will not change and affect.

It will assist in bringing goals and desires into manifested form.

It will work at healing relationships.

Wherever there is disparity and imbalance, the energy will reinstate order and stability.


Quantum Touch

Quantum physics shows that everything in our physical world is actually formed from energy which is constantly flowing. You can think of this energy as electricity or radio signals.


Energy in different forms vibrates at a different frequency. A rock looks and feels solid because the energy that it is made up of vibrates slowly,The energy that makes up a delicate flower vibrates much faster. Energies that vibrate on the same frequency are in resonance with each other and absorb each other's energy easily.


We think our bodies are solid and made up of blood, tissue, muscle and bone but every part of our bodies is actually energy vibrating and flowing. There is also energy permeating and surrounding us which is known as the aura and auric field.


Every cell in our body has its own innate intelligence, and wellbeing is the natural state in which each cell is always striving to maintain. A higher vibration is always dominant to a lower vibration but a lower vibration needs to have some way of connecting to that higher vibration in order to benefit.


Quantum Touch, like Reiki utilizes Source energy to raise the vibration of an unhealthy person or animal to the vibrational rate of wellbeing and the innate healing ability of each cell does the rest.


The power of using Quantum Touch and Reiki together is truly amazing!





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